We are a valencian company of international projection dedicated to the sector of the industrial automations, its maintenance, its control and supervision
Deide. Didautomation empresa
Our company
our main objective is to help companies to improve and optimize their activity.

Our commitment is always to apply our experience and professionalism to achieve in each project the maximum efficiency and quality at reduced costs, and always in the necessary time frames. Home   Understanding the needs of our clients is the starting point to bring the projects developed to the success. Our implication, converts the objectives of each project of our customers, into own.

The close collaboration with our Partners, broaden our qualification in the different areas of our work and enables and guarantees the success of the projects.

Our workers
our experience in the electrical, automotive and food sectors offers our Clients the security they need to deposit, day after day, their confidence in us.ntes areas of our work and makes possible and guarantees the success of the projects.

Our technicians
give a fast and professional service to our customers is their production plants.

Our team of Automation Engineering
develop automations and provide tailor-made engineering services for all the needs of our clients, from design consultancies and small equipment to large lines. All this to satisfy the productive, ergonomic and safety requirements required by our customers and our regulations.

Our Soft Controls Application Engineers
Develop customized applications for all areas of the company. Production processes are optimized through greater control, more efficient management and real-time supervision. Specialized in acquisition of plant data and in the visualization of states and results on any device (Monitors-IP, PCs, Tablets or Smartphone).

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