Manufacturing Execution System or Manufacturing Execution System are computerized systems used in manufacturing to track and document the transformation of raw materials into finished products.
A MES System is a software focused on Production Control in real time, which monitors and documents the management of the plant, whose purpose is to increase the efficiency of the company. Obtaining these objectives:
- Cost reduction.
- Improved productivity.
- Full control of the state of production.
- Ease of decision making with production data in real time.
The solution that has been developed for our client performs the following functions:
- Control of workshops and their objectives.
- Control of the machines of the workshops and their objectives.
- Control of the revisions of the objectives of the machines according to planning.
- Control of the references of the machines, cadences and list of materials of which the references are composed.
- Control of the production work parts of the machines, where the production of parts, number of defects, losses, downtime and causes are established.
- KPI analysis graphs of the machines: OEE, UT, CS, etc.
- KPI analysis graph of the workshops.