• Network assembly and configuration:
▪ Study of the network structure that best suits each situation.
▪ Installation and configuration of networks.
▪ Maintenance of network hardware.
▪ Resolution of problems and queries.
• Assembly and maintenance of equipment
▪ Study of the hardware that best suits each need, taking into account the workload that the computer will support.
▪ Assembly of Intel or AMD desktop computers:
o Hardware configurations for physical servers.
▪ Hardware maintenance.
▪ Troubleshooting both hardware and software.
▪ Data recovery.
▪ Optimization of the performance of the Operating System, by removing malware, old updates, malicious files, etc ...
• Installation, configuration, administration and scripting in Linux based Operating Systems:
▪ Installation of any version of Linux, physical or virtualized (Ubuntu, Debian, ect…)
▪ Scripting for the management and administration of the operating system, user control, data control, etc ...
▪ Resolution of problems and queries.