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Automotive and mobility night in the Valencian Community
Last June we had the opportunity to attend the Automotive Fair 𝐲 of the Valencian Community, organized by our associate, AVIA Clúster de Automoción y Movilidad, and who is always kind enough to invite us to their events.
We participated in a wonderful evening in which a large number of companies from the sector and more than 200 people gathered. Evening in which we had the opportunity to enjoy the presentation of the prestigious AVIA Awards, where the best in the automotive and mobility industry are recognized.
It turned out to be a great meeting point between the automotive family and in which, thanks to the presence of our colleague Alfredo De la Cruz, we had the opportunity to participate in the impressions and experiences of the current situation in the sector, and with it , try to grow and improve as a company.
Grateful to be part of this great event whose organization achieved an unbeatable reception.
Creating employment
DID AUTOMATION SL has participated in the Aid Program for the program to promote permanent hiring of qualified young people (AVALEM JOVES) for which it has received a subsidy of €27,216. These grants are granted by the Valencian Employment and Training Service and are intended to encourage permanent hiring. With file number ECOGJU/2023/363/46.
First anniversary of the new facilities
We continue to grow!!
First anniversary of the new facilities!!!
With the intention of offering the best service to our clients, we have expanded our office area, design department and workshop.
Having the capacity to have almost 1000 M2 of workshop, helps us to achieve our continuous challenge of giving our best version and that our clients continue to count on us year after year.
We have a new air-conditioned workshop, spacious offices and three interactive meeting and training rooms, all within the corporate image that has always characterized us.
This second delegation makes us capable of facing new and interesting projects, offering our clients our best service.
During this year, we have increased our engineering team and technical personnel, managing to form a high-quality human team capable of facing these new challenges.
What have we achieved? ……..
- Expand all our departments.
- Better working conditions for our employees.
-  Better weather conditions (temperature, dust, humidity) for the equipment we manufacture.
-  Better conditions of service and work with our clients.
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DEIDE integrates an AMR for SIEMENS GAMESA.
Last summer we completed the integration stage of a "custom-made" AMR (Autonomus Mobile Robot) for our client Siemens Gamesa in its production plant for electrical panels for wind turbines, located in Benisanó.
We integrated an AMR from our partner Robotnik to which we incorporated an automatic superior chain transport system to carry out the specific needs of our client in terms of loading and unloading of the materials with which they work.
The AMR is directly connected to the company's management system and performs various missions without interruption with weights of up to 1,000Kg, moving from the warehouse to each and every one of the 24 production positions. It communicates with the workstations, to load and unload items completely autonomously, safely sharing a workspace with people, which is why it is already considered "one more of the staff".
Said AMR is the first of this type that the multinational has integrated and is working 3 shifts without a break, which has ensured a rapid ROI.
The company's objective was to safely automate part of its internal logistics chain, to reduce production times and, at the same time, prevent its workers from carrying out repetitive, heavy and routine tasks that do not add value to the product and...
We did it!!!
Deide participates in the Thematic Day
Organized by ALIA (Aragón Association for Logistics and Innovation) at the Novaltia Soc. Coop. facilities, located in La Ciudad del Transporte.

On November 16, we had the privilege of participating in the round table on "Automation in Internal Logistics", organized by ALIA, at the facilities of Novaltia Soc. Coop. in Zaragoza, together with 4 other leading companies in "industrial automation", which was attended by more than 80 people from the most important companies in the Community of Aragon.
We take the opportunity to present the new version of the AGV of our Partner FlexQube (Sweden), the "eQart Line 3.0", much more versatile, fast, safe and flexible, and the products of our Partner LOADHOG, such as its pallets with wheels and “PALLY” brakes (capable of supporting up to 500Kg) and specially designed “LID” covers eliminate strapping and single-use packaging plastic.
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