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Offshore training
At Deide we care about promoting the culture of safety in the company.
Prevention training is not only important to acquire the necessary knowledge in terms of safety, but also to make each member of the team aware that, in safety, we all participate.
On this occasion, some of our colleagues have been trained in work at height, so that our team is trained and prepared for any job that may arise.
Safety is the key to a healthy workplace.
DEIDE runs as a team
DEIDE is racing as a team in the XI Valencia Business Race!
This is the kind of experience that unites us as a team, in the broadest sense of the word.
A representation of DEIDE had the initiative to get up early, put on their shoes and give it their all, as a great team that we are, driven by the encouragement of thousands of people who attended the event.
Next year more!
Great day and better company! Congratulations!
DEIDE at Advanced Factories 2024
This year, as on other occasions, we have been present at the ADVANCEDFACTORIE 2024. An appointment that we cannot, nor have we wanted to miss.
Undoubtedly, an annual reference event that gives us the opportunity to nourish ourselves with the necessary knowledge to be updated and at the forefront as the current market demands.
One more year and it will not be the last.
This year we celebrate 20 years of hopes, work, effort.... Some headaches, but, above all, many joys.
Experiences and paths that have allowed us to establish ourselves in our sector and continue on the path of growth.
We couldn't be prouder to have customers who, since our beginnings, continue to trust us and are already part of the deide family.
Day by day, deide has been formed as a company, but also as a team. A multidisciplinary team formed thanks to the help of great people who have passed through our path. Some are still there and others have left such an important mark that, without the slightest doubt, THEY WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US.
This year, without a doubt, will be a very special year, which we are going to share with all of you. Thank you very much for these 20 years and... here's to 20 more!
Our CEO Jose Antonio López has had the opportunity to be interviewed by AER AUTOMATION for their digital magazine, which in turn was shared on his official LinkedIn profile and the monthly newsletter.
In the interview, Jose Antonio had the opportunity to position Deide in the current market and explain with clarity and certainty where we are heading.
Questions about “the added value we offer our clients” or “how we approach the integration of technologies such as artificial vision” are answered from the understanding and experience that 20 years of professional experience give us.
We invite anyone who wants to get to know us a little better to enjoy the full interview.
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