Deide develops custom applications to help you to optimize your time, control production and take the best decisions day by day
Deide. Didautomation Industria 4.0. Industry 4.0

We are immersed in the ''4th industrial revolution,'' whether we want it or not, and what is being called ''Industry 4.0'', what we are told is that in the more developed countries like Spain, the only way Of competing and surviving is customizing production and services.

This CUSTOMIZATION leads us to a change in our ways of producing, the trend, without a doubt, will be a great diversity of options and therefore many small orders. This leads us to the fact that we must work hard to reduce the times of the standard changes, improve our traceability and control our efficiency at all times.

In such a demanding market, efficiency is not an option, it is a necessity.

In order to be effective, we need to control our efficiency at all times, and for this we will need computer tools to help us do this. Being connected at all times is a '' natural '' state to which we address. The computer applications will be our NEXO with everything that surrounds us.

''The internet of things'' is another change that is going to occur in the products and that will help us. All things will be connected and have a certain state of intelligence. This will help us providing more information of everything, information that we must take advantage of our process of control and efficiency.

The information will increase exponentially, and this will lead us to the '' Big Data '' in which we are already immersed. It is no longer a matter of information but of knowing how to locate the information we need and this will become a necessity, an art, a profession.

Technology has changed our lives and we will continue to change it with increasing intensity. It is important to emphasize the importance of companies having the sensitivity to adapt to the new times if they want to remain competitive in an increasingly digital environment. That is why the DIGITALIZATION of our companies is going to be the train that must be climbed.

At Deide, we continually strive to keep abreast of technological developments, so we have a group of professionals trained in the different needs of the industrial sector. As industry enablers 4.0 we have departments of industrialization and computer science, which allow us to provide support and solutions in all areas required by this technological revolution.